Because having fun at work makes serious business sense.

The Fun Dept.

Why The Fun Dept.?

  • Our Model saves you valuable time and money on planning and production costs.

  • Our Model is proven to build and solidify your team. Well formed and bonded teams outperform the competition, every time.

  • Our Model supports recruitment strategies to attract the best talent. The upcoming workforce generation is seeking a dynamic and fun culture in the workplace.

  • Our Model is proven to help retain your personnel. Happy and healthy employees are more likely to stay with the company avoiding costly turnover.

  • Our Model boosts employee engagement scores resulting in enhanced productivity and bottom line profit.

What you’re already doing that we can bring the fun to:

  • Block Party
  • Client Appreciation
  • Client Entertainment
  • Coffee Breaks
  • Conferences
  • Employee Appreciation
  • Employee Recognition
  • Fundraising Efforts
  • Going Green
  • Happy Hour
  • Holiday Parties
  • In-Service Days
  • Orientations
  • Picnics
  • Presentations
  • Product/Brand Launch
  • Sales Training
  • Staff Meeting
  • Team Meeting
  • Training and Development
  • Wellness Initiative