Employee Engagement. Team Building. Corporate Events.

The Fun Dept. specializes in employee engagement, team building and corporate events. Our offerings come in a variety of formats that save your company money and time – even your CFO will be cracking a smile. We’re experts in facilitating fun. So put us to work. Trust us, you’ll be enjoying a solid return on your investment in no time.

Making our culture yours.

Ideally this isn’t just a one-time deal. Ongoing fun helps transform a company’s culture.

  • S

    Fun Dept. Shorts: 15-30 mins (Starting under $550)

    Saving you valuable time and money, Shorts are perfect for meetings and employee recognition.

    Our most popular: Cash Cubicle, Cart of Fun, Ultimate Elimination Game, Who Am I? Game, Blindfolded Maze Challenge, The Fun Dept. Hotline Call.

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  • M

    Fun Dept. Mediums: 30-60 mins (Starting under $1,100)

    Incorporating your goals and outcomes, Mediums bring your group together to build a team.

    Our Most Popular: Fun Dept Trivia Puzzle, Ice Cream Build, Cup Stacking Tournament, Team Tower Build Challenge, Win It in a Minute.

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  • L

    Fun Dept. Longs: 60 mins, plus (Starting under $1,650)

    Producing and hosting your biggest functions, Longs deliver the most exciting and memorable corporate events.

    Our most popular: Christmas Party, Day At The Beach, Photo Scavenger Hunt, Oven Mitt Olympics, Fun Dept. Happy Hour.

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  • C

    Create Your Own Fun Dept.

    We’ll help you develop your brand of fun, seamlessly integrating our programs into your corporate culture. Combining Shorts, Mediums and Longs in a plan that fits you, we will become your consultants and partners in fun to internally impact your people.

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