The answers to some of your initial questions are likely here, but for more details and info that’s specific to you, feel free to give us a call.

  • What does The Fun Dept. offer?

    Think of it as teambuilding turned on its head. You don’t get the standard “half-day, half-a-million dollars” solution other companies offer. It’ll be just what you need, for just the amount of time you need it. You want energy and enthusiasm from your people? We can get them laughing, moving and motivated for less time and less money than you might expect.

  • What makes you different?

    Traditional teambuilding typically takes too long and is too expensive. We use our Laws of Fun, a specific collection of guiding principles that leads us to successful, consistent and meaningful fun.

  • How long is a typical delivery?

    How’s two hours or less? That’s the norm. Of course, we’ve done everything from five-minute coffee breaks to all-day events. And as you’ll find out, our deliveries are anything but typical.

  • What if I don't like big groups?

    We can help you with that. The Fun Dept. always gives people a place to hide.

  • Do you have offerings that don’t interrupt work?

    Your boss made you ask that, right? But seriously, we can make it happen. If you’ve just got a minute, get something like Video Trivia. It reaches employees at their computers and takes only a few moments to play.

  • What size group is best?

    Whatever you’ve got. We’re flexible and can customize our programs to fit your needs — small group, large group, or anything in between.

  • Can you help clients create ideas that they can implement?

    Yes. We work with a many of our clients on a consulting basis. You tell us your needs and goals. You take the ideas and run with them. You take the credit, too.

  • What makes The Fun Dept. experts in teambuilding?

    Our team members have extraordinary experience in entertaining and engaging audiences, and organizing and delivering fun events. Our business model is designed to get you the right kind of fun, in the right amount of time, to meet your needs.

  • Will you travel for fun?

    Absolutely. Just let us know where you need us. Don’t worry, we don’t demand to fly first-class. Not that we’d mind, of course.

  • Can you do fun things for my clients, not just my employees?

    Of course, it’s a common occurrence for our customers to soon start sharing the same brand of fun with their clients. Shared fun is a powerful way to strengthen your important relationships